Best SEO Webinars

Best SEO Webinars

There’s so much search engine optimization (SEO) information online, but finding the best and most effective resources to increase traffic and conversions can be tough. Well, you don’t have to look any further because below are the top SEO webinars hosted and presented by the industry’s top minds.

Their webinars are an opportunity to learn from the experts at the forefront of SEO trends and techniques. Attending these sessions will give you valuable knowledge and actionable tips to rank and win in the SEO game.

Charles Floate Training

Charles’s SEO webinars cover the latest SEO techniques, adapting to Google’s algorithm changes and AI. These live sessions are at least 120 minutes long and give attendees unique insights and strategies from Charles’s years of industry experience.

What sets Charles’s webinars apart from the others on this list is his holistic approach and ability to see SEO from different angles. He covers perspectives other experts miss.

Charles’s webinar attendees get one-off SEO knowledge and receive additional resources, checklists, templates and AI prompts to implement the strategies discussed. The interactive Q&A sessions mean you can ask questions and get answers to your specific questions.

Webinar replays allow you to revisit and learn again after the live event has ended. The combination of live interaction, resources, and ongoing access makes Charles Floate’s premium webinars a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to stay ahead in the constantly changing SEO landscape.


BrightEdge SEO webinars give you insights into the world of search engine optimisation. Hosted monthly by Product Marketing Consultant Dave McAnally, they feature special guest experts from the industry.

The webinars cover many SEO topics, recent AI and the latest core updates. Each session is 45 minutes long to get into the meat of the topic without wasting your time.

For those who can’t attend live, BrightEdge makes the webinar recordings available on-demand several months after the live event. To get access to these resources, you need to sign up with your personal details, so only serious professionals can benefit from the content.


BrightLocal webinars have a consistent format with a host and a guest expert, on local SEO topics. The sessions start with introductions and then go into an interactive Q&A format, answering questions from the audience throughout the webinar.

These webinars balance technical depth with practical advice, so they are suitable for all professionals in the local SEO industry. The conversational tone and audience interaction make it a collaborative experience, so get involved and ask questions.

The webinars end with closing remarks and info on BrightLocal’s resources. This format gives you expert knowledge in an approachable way, makes complex topics simple and keeps the content fresh and relevant with different guest experts and issues.


The Practical Marketer Webinar Series started in February 2024 and is a weekly webinar hosted by Chima Mmeje and featuring guest SEO experts and agency owners. These sessions are about building and adapting SEO strategies with AI and other tech for people in the industry.

All the webinars in the series are on-demand and available to those who sign up with their details. This way you can consume the content at your convenience, so busy professionals can stay up to date with the latest SEO trends and techniques.

Before this series, Moz had a history of producing free on-demand webinars hosted by internal team members. These webinars were about promoting and demonstrating Moz’s software suite features, educational content and product showcases.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking’s webinar page has a list of upcoming and on-demand webinars. You can sign up and watch them at your convenience. Most of these webinars feature industry experts or agency owners discussing specific topics in the SEO industry and sharing knowledge and expertise.

SE Ranking's webinars are in multiple languages, making their SEO educational content diverse and global. This multilingual approach means SEO professionals from different regions can access and benefit from the knowledge shared in the webinars.

Each webinar page on SE Ranking’s site has a content breakdown, main topic, key takeaways, and target audience. This structured format allows you to quickly see if a webinar is relevant to you and your professional needs and choose the most suitable sessions.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) webinars are hosted by Founder Loren Baker and feature guests from top SEO partners such as Conductor, Copypress, iQuanti, and others. This means the webinars offer the latest insights and expert views on SEO and digital marketing, perfect for agencies and enterprises.

SEJ webinars cover topics from current trends to refining the fundamentals of SEO, technical SEO, content creation and link building. They help you grow your traffic and conversion rates, with practical advice and actionable insights for SEO professionals and marketers.

Each on-demand episode on the SEJ site has a slideshow of the webinar content so you can see what’s inside. This is to entice you to sign up for the webinar and get a sneak peek into the valuable info and strategies that will be shared.


Serpstat’s webinar series has been monthly since this past year, with the latest episode in March 2024. That’s how committed they are to providing ongoing SEO content.

Like SE Ranking, Serpstat has a mix of SEO professionals from different countries and areas of expertise. This means you get a wide range of perspectives and insights, and possibly new and challenging views on SEO.

Each webinar page on Serpstat’s site has a clear reason to watch, with info about the speaker and the target audience. This means you can quickly see if the webinar is relevant to you and your professional development or specific SEO challenges.


SEMrush's webinars take a broad approach, covering a wide range of topics, including SEO (organic and global), AI, content marketing, and marketing career tips. This means you can get insights into different areas of digital marketing, and the webinars are valuable for professionals who want to go beyond SEO.

While many webinars are hosted by guest experts, SEMrush also has episodes moderated by team members. Each episode is 30-60 minutes long, which is a good balance between in-depth discussion and watchable time.

Not many episodes to choose from yet but SEMrush will definitely add more with high-quality guests and content. Future webinars will cover new developments in SEMrush's all-in-one marketing tool and give you insights into industry trends and platform-specific features.

Wrapping It Up

The webinars above feature industry experts, cover many topics and offer expert advice that you won’t find in just anywhere. Sign up for any of them, and you’ll be able to adapt to the latest trends and algorithm changes in the ever-changing industry.

But if you want to supercharge and level up your search engine knowledge and skills, then sign up for Charles’ SEO webinars. His approach, experience, and ability to offer new views on SEO challenges make his sessions priceless for everyone.

His webinars will help you stay ahead of the game, get exclusive insights and boost your SEO results.
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