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I'll audit your sites SEO problems and mistakes, give you actionable advice on what to fix and make sure you or your client's sites are setup for success.

Audit Packages

Let Our SEO Audit Identify Your Website's Organic Search Issues

There are many ranking factors dictating the success of a website on Google rankings. Some are them are its niche or industry, CMS, site architecture, content and link profile quality...I could go on and on. And, as website owners or SEOs, you need to keep up with these factors if you want to get the most traffic out of your site as possible.

However, you won't be able to execute the right SEO strategy if you don't know what's preventing it from ranking higher on SERPs. You can follow the best SEO tactics at your disposal, but they won't produce the results you want if they don't address the gaps in your site's SEO performance.

Enter my SEO audit services! With my years of experience successfully small and enterprise websites from various industries, I can help pinpoint issues preventing your website from SEO success.

And I'm not just going to use the usual tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and the like. With this service, I'm going to dig deep into my bag of SEO knowledge to provide you with insights on how to make your site rank for your money keywords that no other tool can check!

  • Overview Audit

    Get a better understanding why your website isn't ranking higher on organic search based on its technical and on-page SEO structure.

  • Link Building Strategy

    Receive a blueprint of the kinds of backlinks you must build, which websites you should target, and how to get them for your site.

  • Link Profile Analysis

    Find out more about your current backlinks and identify links you need to disavow to help get your site out of a manual or algorithmic penalty.

  • Comprehensive Audit

    Get the motherlode of SEO audits! Learn why your website is stuck on Google search based on ranking factors and how to successfully multiply its organic traffic.

Understand Your Search Rankings with Link Profile Analysis

The best way to approach SEO is to first know what your website issues are. This is especially true with backlinks, considered as the most vital ranking factor in ranking on search results. Knowing all the links pointing to your own site immediately gives you an idea of your site's SEO performance.

This is what my link profile analysis aims to achieve. I will personally conduct a link analysis of your website and break down each one according to link type, anchor text used, referring domain metrics, broken links, and others to determine its overall link quality. I will also conduct a side-by-side analysis of your competitors to see opportunities and gaps in your link profile.

If your site's rankings suffered recently due to a Google algo update or a manual penalty, this service is for you. It may be under attack by negative SEO, or you may have built toxic links to it. Either way, I will get to the bottom of things and share my findings so you can recover your website!

Our Link Building Strategy Will Get Your Site to the Top of Google Search!

Let's face it: link building is challenging and scary. Getting high-quality links from authoritative websites is an art form that not everybody can do. At the same time, building the wrong links to your site, whether deliberately or by accident, could plummet your site's traffic and put it in Google's doghouse.

Fortunately, you won't have these problems with this service. I have designed countless link building strategies for my clients and own websites that have exploded their rankings on search engine results. By giving me the keys to your link building campaign, I can devise a plan that you can easily implement on your own website, or let one of my partners do it for you.

I will handpick the best off-page tactics specifically for your site, which may include resource page link building, guest blogging, broken link building, and others. As mentioned, you can decide to pull off the strategy yourself or enlist my handpicked partners to build them for you. The latter is the best choice if you want to focus on generating results for your website instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turn around time on an SEO audit with Charles Floate?

Depending on which size audit you ordered, and the depth of your site and requirements of your project, it’ll take anywhere between 7 and 28 working business days to complete.

How do you deliver the audit findings?

Our findings are presented in a detailed report, supplemented with actionable recommendations. For some audit services, we can also schedule a call with Charles to discuss the findings in detail and answer any queries you might have.

Do you offer international audits for sites in other languages and countries?

Yes! In fact, the majority of my own portfolio is in other languages and I find it far easier to rank for non-English queries.

Will I understand the audit report if I'm not tech-savvy?

Absolutely! Our audit reports are designed to be clear and actionable, whether you're an SEO beginner or an expert. We also provide a glossary of terms, recommendations for tools or services and prioritize tasks for you.

Do you offer support or services to implement the suggested changes?

Unless it’s some form of link building campaigns, no. I only offer conversational and audit level consultancy to give you the recommendations and ideas to implement on your own accord.

How often should I get an SEO audit?

Ideally, a comprehensive SEO audit should be conducted annually for most medium to large sites. However, if you're making significant changes to your site or have noticed a recent, significant drop in rankings, it may be beneficial to do them more frequently.

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