Every campaign should start with a comprehensive overview of the topic you're about to takeover.

Keywords Research Packages

Is Keyword Research Important?

Establishing a keyword strategy for your website composed of valuable keywords lets you identify which pages to rank for on your website to maximize your conversions and revenue.



Finding keywords to rank for on search results requires gathering keyword data and analyzing which ones to optimize on your site to maximize your traffic. Our keyword services take away the guesswork so you can proceed with creating relevant content for the right keywords.


What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying keyword opportunities based on search volume, keyword difficulty, intent, and other variables. When done correctly, you can develop a keyword list to optimize your site pages and bring traffic to them.


What is Search Intent?

Knowing why users are actively searching for keywords allows you to create content that meets their expectations. For instance, commercial keywords require you to create a landing page for them. Our keyword research services will help label and organize their terms for you.

  • Tell Us Your Niche

    We will discuss what your goals and targets are with your site to understand its niche fully. We'll also research the top sites in your industry to identify gaps and opportunities we can capitalise on once we start looking for the best keywords for your website.

  • Topical Map Generation

    We will use keyword research tools and manual analysis to gather ideas from seed keywords. We will then proceed with topic-grouping the same keywords and creating internal links to develop topic clusters designed to establish your topical authority and increase your site's rankings.

  • Receive The Topical Map

    The report we will provide you contains actionable data to help prioritising keywords much easier for your SEO campaign. It will enable you to create content that satisfies your target audience and use anchor texts for your internal linking and off-page SEO efforts.

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Soham Banker

Soham serves as the Head of Services within our organization, overseeing the operations of this department.

His responsibilities include delivering comprehensive reports to our clients, highlighting valuable insights about their websites and recommending strategically targeted keywords to maximize their return on investment.

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Have an issue with a specific site? Want your entire site reviewed for improvements?

I'll audit your sites SEO problems and mistakes, give you actionable advice on what to fix and make sure you or your client's sites are setup for success.