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Charles has had a long and turbulent career in SEO but has gotten to a point where he is now recognized as one of the leading experts in the field with an ability to decipher precisely what is working for search engine algorithms and generate traffic at a ridiculous ROI.

Our Story

He has bought and sold two agencies, run thousands of campaigns, published over 500 guides on how to do SEO and earned millions of dollars ranking pages. All of this has culminated in this project, which is a coming together of multiple platforms, services, courses and eBooks developed over the past decade.

This is meant for anyone at anyone level or any understanding of search engine optimization can immediately get dug into learning, building and profiting with one of the most underserved fields in the world.

The majority of people think SEO is some sort of computer wizardry, but it’s actually a fairly easy to understand concept that doesn’t require any sort of formal education, technical capabilities, marketing background or social skillsets to be able to build a business with

We aim to make every part of the journey of building this business easier, with beginner to advanced training on how to carry out every part of ranking in search engines but also the support to make the correct business, financial and life decisions based upon the success of countless projects and individuals.

When was it founded?

The business was initially founded in 2015 on Gumroad and has since come a long way from selling a singular, inexpensive course to help people build their own affiliate website with SEO. Since then we’ve grown from 2 to 7, added dozens of new products, created a range of freebies to download, launched keyword research services, partnered to provide link building and developed a roadmap of launches that will keep everyone in SEO on their toes.

  • Diverse Offerings

    We provide everything you’d need to launch a successful SEO campaign and business. All the way from teaching you what it is to providing the consulting services you need to take things to the next level to powering the links behind it and the keyword mapping that you’ll need at the start of your campaign.

  • Continuous Learning

    The SEO landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. As such, we consistently update our materials, ensuring you receive the most current, relevant information at your fingertips.

  • Expert-Led Initiatives

    Every product we offer is crafted with precision, drawing upon the vast reservoir of knowledge and experience amassed by industry veterans.
    Community Focused: Beyond providing educational materials, Charles has always tried to foster a community of likeminded individuals that can all grow together and routinely runs real world events (like Search Birmingham) where you can network with the industry elite.

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Our Vision Moving Forward

As we continue to expand and refine our offerings, our vision needs to be more balanced than it has been in the past and at it’s core the belief is: To be your trusted companion in your SEO journey, equipping you with the tools, knowledge and support needed to thrive in this ever-growing and ever-evolving industry.

We envisage a future where anyone, regardless of their background, can leverage the power of SEO to create opportunities, drive success and make a tangible impact in their lives. Through our comprehensive suite of products and services, we aim to bring this vision to fruition, one satisfied student at a time.

Our Team

The Charles Floate Training team are a young, dedicated group handpicked and hand trained by Charles over a number of years to the point where every member of our team contributes invaluable skills so that we can carry out operations at scale for a large audience.