Charles Floate's consulting sessions guarantees to improve your knowledge, get results and walk away with a stronger and more confident understanding of SEO than ever before!

Consultancy Packages


Mads Singers

Mads hired Charles Floate for a consultation for his agency and his team, then he was hired to do provide training to Mad's team for couple months.


Jamie I.F

Jamie enlisted the services of Charles Floate for a consultation when his websites were affected by a Google Algorithm Update in December 2022. Following a thorough consultation and the implementation of solutions recommended by Charles, Jamie successfully restored all of his websites within a span of fewer than six months.

What is an SEO Consultant?

It's someone who has the knowledge and experience to discuss search engine optimization (SEO) with site owners looking to generate more organic traffic. This person first reviews your site and provides you insights why your site is performing the way it currently does. The gathered data informs the SEO consultant how you can improve your site's keyword rankings on search engines.

Of course, not all SEO consultants are the same. Some are more accomplished with tons of past and present clients across different sizes and niches. A good SEO consultant can also provide out-of-the-box strategies that no other consultant can offer you. That's why hiring an SEO consultant that meets your needs is paramount to the success of your website.

Why Choose Charles as Your SEO Consultant

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but the results show that my SEO consultation services are among the best and most highly rated among other consultants. I have worked with people who own some of the top websites in their respective industries. I have exponentially grown their organic traffic with my battle-tested processes and proven suggestions.

All these come from decades of diligently working, testing, and reworking my own websites to achieve great heights, bringing me to where I am right now. I'm open to mixing things up using SEO tactics to generate more traffic and revenue, regardless of the hat's color. And I can do the same thing to your site!

  • Keyword Research and Planning

    Find low-hanging fruit keywords relevant to your site, optimize them on your existing pages, and plot out content silos to strengthen your topical relevance.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Uncover SEO techniques and strategies your top competitors are using and find ways to integrate the same successful tactics into your SEO plan.

  • Content Audit

    Manually review your website content to identify ranking factors and the overall quality, and give suggestions on how to make them perform better.

  • Backlink Audit

    Understand your current link profile broken down into different variables and determine which backlinks to prioritize and disavow.

SEO Success Framework

It's one thing to know how to resolve your site's SEO issues. It's another to plan all these solutions into a holistic SEO framework that makes everything click for your website. This service is perfect for looking for a blueprint guaranteed to increase their organic traffic, whether their site is old or new.

In-Depth Reporting

Find out how successful your site's SEO strategy is currently as I track down the results and provide you with my personal insights. This allows you to make the necessary campaign changes and improve your site's performance on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Charles report his consulting work to clients?

As a 1-on-1 virtual call, I will discuss my findings from the report I created about your website. I'll point out the issues I find what's preventing your website from higher rankings on SERPs and what you can do to resolve them. I also bank on my years of SEO knowledge in my reports and do not rely on SEO tools to extract information about your site. This ensures that you're really getting a unique perspective from someone who's launched successful SEO campaigns and has driven business growth.

Does Charles understand our business and industry?

Yes. I have worked with websites that span across multiple niches and industries. If any event that your site's topic is something I'm unfamiliar with, that's even better, as I take this as a challenge! My SEO framework and process give me the necessary information to know everything about it and help me give unique insights on improving your site.

When will I see results from his SEO consulting services?

Yes, you will! During our session, I will prepare a tailor-made SEO strategy for your website, ensuring that it addresses any problems your site has, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, and link building. At the same time, you will only see the results of the SEO campaign I will design for you if you follow all the suggestions.

Will someone from Charles's team implement the SEO plan?

As an expert SEO consultant, I can only guide you towards growing your organic search traffic. However, while I can't personally execute the SEO strategies, my handpicked vendors and partners can perform them for you. Just to let you know, they require a separate payment if you are to ask for their help.

Are SEO audits included in his packages?

I will conduct an SEO audit of your site as part of my consultation services. However, the audit scope varies depending on the service you choose. The longer the consultation time, the more insights you can share regarding my audit findings on your site. If you're just interested in my SEO audit reports and services, you can choose from any of the packages I offer in my SEO audit page.


★ 5.0 (92) GUMROAD

Supercharge your SEO skills with knowledge from 13 years in the game from beginner to advanced level courses.



★ 5.0 (92) GUMROAD

Have an issue with a specific site? Want your entire site reviewed for improvements?

I'll audit your sites SEO problems and mistakes, give you actionable advice on what to fix and make sure you or your client's sites are setup for success.