Charles Floate

Founder & CMO

Charles Floate is a 27 year old Brit and a powerhouse in the SEO world. With a professional journey spanning over 15 years, Charles has established himself as an industry luminary, owning or partnering with some of the biggest brands in the industry and selling several businesses as well as over a dozen different affiliate websites for 6-figure exits.

His remarkable expertise and authentic strategies have not only earned him a massive following of over 100,000 enthusiasts across various social media platforms but also solidified his place as one of the most sought after SEO consultants and speakers.

Yudhish Puran

Partner & CEO

With a decade of experience in the digital marketing field, and under Charles’ mentorship, he developed his personal skill set from a rudimentary designer all the way to developing full scale e-Commerce solutions from scratch and optimizing them for search, speed, CRO and UX performance.

Furthermore, Yudhish assumed responsibility for brand building and event coordination, notably contributing to the success of events like Search Birmingham.

Throughout his career, he has consistently risen through the ranks, progressing from the role of Creative Director to Office Manager, Head of Operations, and finally achieving the esteemed position of Partner at the company today.

Soham Banker

Head of Services

Soham is a content writer turned SEO from India. In the last 7 years, he has built & sold multiple thriving and profitable niche content websites and helped hundreds of online businesses across the globe utilizing the power of topical mapping entire niches for clients to takeover.

Charles hired Soham as his first ever virtual assistant in 2011, he used this experience and training to develop his own skill set which made him one of the most experienced researchers in the industry and leads up our entire services division to this day.

Christopher Benitez

Head of Content

Chris has been working with Charles on all things content since 2019, starting as a blog writer for DFY Links, and under Charles' help and guidance, he developed a knack for writing content that resonates with its audience and ranks on search engines.

Yanisa Mint

Head of Customer Support

Yanisa has a bachelor's degree in hospitality and worked in customer support for startups based out of Singapore from 2019-2022. She now operates the customer support for Charles Floate training by night whilst being an English teacher at one of the top private schools in Thailand by day.

Vishal Garg

Head Of Engineering

With a Masters in Computer Science and 8+ years of experience in designing, development and marketing, Vishal turns ideas into reality within a matter of hours. He’s responsible for handling all aspects of the backend development, infrastructure and development of the company.