ELITE AI SEO - Live Webinar

AI is an extremely complicated subject, and it can feel like an uphill battle trying to keep up with the latest technologies, advancements and tools and how we can get the most out of them in our SEO livelihoods.

This webinar is built off the back of several years of research and obsession with AI, agents and models that I’ve had since I first saw these technologies demonstrated playing video games all the way back in 2016.

These concepts, tools, workflows, strategies and opportunities are not meant for beginners! This live training session is meant to help take those who are already making money with SEO and already have a business, an agency, clients or their own websites and will easily be able to implement them to massively improve their efficiency, effectiveness and ability to scale far beyond human capability alone.

This is NOT spam, black hat, programmatic SEO or bulk generating content; This is a complete introduction to AI in SEO, how to overhaul your processes with it, how to make your business far more profitable, how to make outputs 90%+ more cost effective and automate entire campaigns whilst still maintaining a level of human quality. This is the future of our industry and likely, our entire lives, so make sure you are ready and one step ahead.

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My FIRST AI SEO Presentation? 2019

At the second EVER Chiang Mai SEO Conference in 2019, I showcased early Google libraries like TenorFlow and how we were experimenting with entity correlation, agents and LLMs. We couldn’t use much at the time due to limited datasets and compute, but little did I know that would set the groundwork for the future of my entire business.

This Is How I’ve Grown My SEO Business

(Without Hiring) By 500%+ Since 2021

I run multiple different companies, websites, investments, and a very small team of young, highly talented guys who struggle to speak to women but consistently deliver digital gold…

I knew that if I wanted to really grow my business, I’d have to scale up hiring significantly or pay extortionate fees outsourcing to scrupulous agencies… That was until AI changed everything!

Now I could train one good writer and he could write the same as 10 before… My one designer was now able to make 25 thumbnails and featured images per day instead of 2… My developer is now making and managing entire platforms by himself; he no longer needs a whole engineering team behind him.

We can launch new projects, tests, campaigns and even entire businesses faster than ever, with less people than ever, and at less cost than ever! And I’m going to give you exactly how I’ve done it…

So, What Is Covered Inside This Webinar? 🧐

The real question should be; What isn’t? I’ve spent months developing this one presentation based on years of experience, research, testing and case studies.

You’ll learn:

  • How A.I. Has Evolved To This Stage

  • Why A.I. Is Going To Change EVERYTHING, Especially SEO

  • How It Will Change Our Industry

  • How To Prepare For It

  • AI Knowledge Anyone Can Understand (In Relation To SEO)

  • The Best Tools For EVERY Task

  • How To Execute AI-Powered Automated Link Building Campaigns

  • Use Cases Based On My Case Studies & Concepts

  • Massive Improvements To Graphic Design Output & Efficiency

  • How To Adapt For The Future

  • Why This Is A Limited Window of Opportunity You Should Maximize!

  • Charles Private, Real World AI SEO & Business Case Studies

As well as many more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout!

I also show you how AI can automate small tasks in your SEO businesses like:

  • Summarization

  • Emails & Email Marketing

  • Topical Clustering

  • Translation

  • Base Coding

  • Code Improvements

  • Reporting

  • Analysis

  • Scheduling

  • Augmenting Data

  • Data Retrieval

  • Data Entry/Sorting

Okay, But WHY Should You Attend? 🎟️

We have a very limited number of years before AI technologies get so advanced that they start becoming too difficult to compete with, especially at an algorithmic marketing level.

Skip The Learning Curve: I’ll Take You Straight To The Sauce

I have taken advanced concepts and made sure anybody in our industry can understand, utilize and implement them to help generate more business, better results for their clients, far more efficient (and happier) workers and even if all that doesn’t convince you?

You’ll be able to download my exact prompts, tools, GPTs, sequences and more that you can literally copy and paste into your processes.

All for just $599! So if you take away just a handful of items from my knowledge carpet bombing campaign in this webinar, it’ll easily pay that back in dividends.

Why Friday, April The 5th?🤔

Because I asked you via X, and the community voted for the date!

And Yes, This Page Is AI 🤖

This entire page was a challenge for us and an example of how powerful this technology is!

Every graphic (except the conference photos; they're real), every piece of text, all the marketing materials across 6 different platforms and all the backend code was created using AI tools in under 2 hours by Yudhish Puran (the CEO of this company), Vishal Garg (our Head of Engineering) and myself - That is how efficient it has made us. We can create two dozen different images, over 4,000 words of high converting copy and custom code our own additions and improvements into Shopify in just 117 minutes with a team of THREE, all in different countries and different timezones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Refunds Available?

Yes! As long as you request a refund at least 24 hours before the webinar, we’ll grant you a 100% money back guarantee.

How Much Time Is Dedicated To Beginner Level & “Future of SEO” Concepts?

The start of the presentation gives everyone an introduction to AI, how it has affected our industry, and my story with AI and lasts around 45 mins of the ~5 hour presentation.

What Level of AI Knowledge is Required?

A basic understanding of AI concepts is helpful, but I aim to teach this from A to Z. The focus will be on practical applications in SEO first, with step-by-step guides and downloadable SOPs for following up on.

Will There Be A Recording Available?

It’s for attendees only, who will only get it ~3 weeks after the date, just so the folks that made it live get the most possible value, and we will not be selling it after the fact or posting it (or any clips) on YouTube.

Can I Expect To See Immediate Results After Implementing The AI Strategies?

For ranking, it’s almost never the case you see immediate results anyway, but if you implement the tools, task automation etc… you’ll be able to immediately save time, money and improve output. Some techniques will work better than others in SEO, and it’s your decision to choose which to implement, adapt or augment.

What Platform Will The Webinar Be Held On?

The webinar will be held live on Zoom.

Are There Any Breaks?

Yes. We will have 2 breaks! One during the main presentation, and one at the end before the Q&A session.

Can We Have Multiple Attendees On The Webinar?

No. One ticket = One attendee. You will only be allowed to connect via one device.

How Many Questions Do I Get In The AMA?

Each attendee is limited to three questions, and that doesn’t guarantee they will be asked and answered! There is a moderator who filter and send the questions to Charles live, during the AMA session at the end of the webinar.

Is The Webinar Only In English?

Unfortunately, yes. We do not have the capabilities (AI isn’t quite that good) for effective live translation, especially when Charles will be using so many technical words.