You'll get taught everything from the basics to the secrets of how Julian builds over $200,000 of backlinks per month! With Google moving more towards the biggest sites with every update, learn how to become an architect of authority; Build up your and your client's sites to become some of the most powerful domains in entire industries and rank for any new keyword you choose to target.

Why Should You Attend This Webinar? 🪂

Whilst content, blogging and technical SEO have seen a massive dropoff over the past 24 months, backlinks and digital PR have been taking off! AI has forced Google to devalue content signals and resulted in the first major change to the SERP layout in 2 decades with SGE.

Link building, parasite SEO and digital PR will survive far beyond white hat technical SEO - With the mass adoption of AI summarization, links will maintain as the prioritization system and external page building gives you the ability to create a consensus on the internet amongst niche and authority sites whilst single sites will be relegated to the past.

Learn from two of the leading experts in the world on exactly how you can set your campaigns up for success, futureproof yourself and your business against these rapid technological changes and access the secrets behind the #1 ranking signal in Google!

This webinar will save you countless hours of time and testing trying to figure it out on your own...

Charles Floate & Julian Goldie

What Will You Learn From This Webinar? 🧐

This is a long presentation, so I only cover the surface level here:

  • Why Google LOVES Links ✅
  • A COMPLETE Introduction To Link Building For Beginners ✅
  • Advanced Anchor Text Analysis & Planning ✅
  • How To Get FREE DR 94+ Backlinks On Autopilot Using PR ✅
  • Backlink Magnets: An EASY Way To Get FREE Backlinks To Your Sales Pages, Using Julian’s AI Magnetic Framework ✅
  • 7 Link Building Strategies: 7 Battle-Tested Strategies I Use To Build Quality Backlinks (with LIVE EXAMPLES) FAST ✅
  • Swipe & Deploy Templates: The Exact Email Templates That Land Me Backlinks From Even The Toughest Sites (Plus 2 Follow-up Emails That Seal The Deal) ✅
  • The Step-by-Step System For Finding High Quality, Powerful and Relevant Sites Begging To Link Yo You ✅
  • How To Save $1,000s on Backlinks: Negotiate Costs and Close Like A Pro (Even When They Say No At First) ✅
  • NoFollow Links & The Secret To Activation ✅
  • The EASY Hack To Find Golden Content Opportunities Your Competitors Are Missing ✅
  • 3 Link Building Myths That Are Holding You Back RIGHT NOW ✅
  • Why Links Are The Future & Where They’re Moving ✅

As well as segments I cannot reveal on this landing page… And many more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout this 6 hour masterclass!

Who Are We & What Do We Know About Building Links? 👨‍🏫

Charles and Julian are both known for running some of the most successful link-building agencies in industry history. Charles sold his agency (DFY Links, later rebranded to Get Me Links), which is now held by a fund publicly listed on the Nasdaq, and Julian projects to sell $3.5 million of links in 2024 alone! There is a reason so many clients trusted both hosts to build campaigns on their behalf.

And whilst Charles is known for his more black hat style of link building, Julian is known more for his white hat outreach at scale - Giving a duality approach that leaves no corner unturned, and and answer every question anyone would have about anything related to backlinks or building them!

Webinar FREE Bonuses 🎁

Not only are we giving away all of this information for an absurdly low price, but we are also making sure it comes packed to the brim with downloadable templates, cheatsheets, prompts, SOPs and everything you’ll need to get you or your team setup in no time…

And we’ll make sure anyone, at any level can understand it! We’ve broken down everything in as easy to understand terms as possible, and tried to automate or outsource to AI any tedious tasks to make your life just a little bit easier.

  • Hosted by Charles Floate

  • Presented by Julian Goldie

  • Moderated by Yudhish Puran

Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds available?

Yes - If you decide not to attend the webinar or don’t want the recordings afterwards, just let us know within 24 hours of the webinar start time and we will issue you a full refund. 

If you have attended the webinar and feel like you haven’t gotten value, we will also give you a full refund but if you can’t make it and we send you the recordings, then there is a no refund policy in place.

Can we have multiple attendees on the webinar?

No. One ticket = One attendee. You will only be allowed to connect via one device at a time.

What level of knowledge is required?

Anyone with a basic understanding of SEO for Google will be able to attend the webinar, and it will significantly increase your understanding of every aspect of link building, digital PR, outreach, link research and link profile analysis.

Can I download the presentation?

Yes - You will get access to a copy of the slides and recordings of the webinar at the end.

How many questions can I ask in the Q&A?

Each attendee can ask as many questions as they like, and that doesn’t guarantee they will be asked and answered! Charles will act as the moderator live during the AMA session at the end of the webinar.

What platform will the webinar be held on?

The webinar will be held on Zoom, and you will be able to access the recordings after the fact via Mega.

Is the webinar only in English?

We have LIVE translated captioning available, but there is no other audio options available outside of English. Charles is known for talking fast, but paces himself throughout these long webinars and makes sure everyone understands.