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What’s Inside This Course?

  • A Complete Introduction To PBNs

  • Domain Forensics: Analyzing Potential Domains

  • How To Get Hosting For Your Network

  • Using CDNs Properly To Further Diversify Your Network

  • PBN Posting & Links

  • PBN Growth Strategy

  • PBN Management & Monitoring

  • Secure Anti-Footprint PBN Setups

I have personally used PBNs to rank pages in
Google for over a decade now, and I’ll show you the secrets you’ll need to know
to make sure you’re building the safest and strongest links possible with a
technique that has been used in the shadows to dominate niches, and even entire
cities or states.

Even if you aren’t looking to actively utilise
PBNs yourself, having a complete understanding of link building strategies
allows you to see where your competitors might be using them or where they
might come in handy at an opportune time.

What Is A PBN?

In SEO, there is normally a variety of things you can mean by a tactic, and this is especially true for PBNs.

The core definition for a "private blog network" is a network of blogs you control that is made for the sole purpose of ranking websites in Google to make you money!

However, there are different methodologies within PBNs themselves, and different ways you use them depending on the asset you’re wanting to rank, the niche you’re in, and even the language.

Most people use private blog networks to either rank affiliate websites in Google or they use them to rank highly competitive, high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords in foreign languages.

There are of course other uses as well, and I'll teach all of them within this course…

Do PBNs Even Work In 2023/24?

The short answer to that question is YES.

As is almost always the case with SEO, the real answer is that it depends…

It depends on the domain, how good of a PBN you have, the niche you’re in, the precautions to stop Google from finding your site and a lot of other factors.

One of the most common arguments that people in SEO make against PBNs is that they are outdated and the Google algorithm is now far too sophisticated for them to work… This is not only incorrect, but statements like this show how out of the game most “experts” in SEO actually are.

Why Should You Buy This Course?

Any self respecting SEO should have an up-to-date understanding of all link building strategies, including PBNs. Even if you don’t plan to use them, you need to at least know what you’re up against in the battle of the SERPs.
Private blog networks have been a staple for the SEO industry since there conception.

  • ✅ Rank sites that make over one million dollars per month

  • ✅ Dominate the local search of entire cities and states

  • ✅ Downrank competitors and give sites a truly unfair (but powerful) advantage

  • ✅ Power up tiered links to make campaigns more efficient

PBNs are in the SEO industry to stay, and they’re only going to get even more powerful as time marches on, which ends up making:

  • ➡️ Domains more scarce - It’s getting harder and harder to find good names and link profiles that aren’t already taken, especially with domain bots.

  • ➡️ Links more expensive - The cost of a decent link building campaign is now starting to cost so much that you’ll spend 10x more trying to rank your site “organically” than by trying these methods.

  • ➡️ Sites get even stingier linking to other sites - Even if your content is highly relevant, Google has intimidated site owners out of giving earned links.

If you aren’t doing SEO with PBNs, you’re running a sprint with one leg cut off. 🏃‍♂️

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PBN Course FAQ

DoesThis Only Work In English?

No! In fact, PBNs actually work better in most non-English speaking Google TLDs due to the algorithm being significantly weaker.

Are Private Blog Networks Unethical?

Google believes that PBNs are unethical. Most rational, objective SEO professionals, however, know that is not the case.

While PBNs are a clear violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, so is literally every other link building tactic – including simply asking someone to link to your website.

Anyone doing anything to acquire links is guilty of the exact same violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines that someone using a PBN is.

There is no grey area.

^ Those weren’t my words, they were from a journalist at SEJ.

How Much Money Do I Need For This?

That depends! I do teach methods on how you can do almost everything for free, but the reality is that you’ll most likely need some budget for domains and hosting, the latter being very affordable (especially during holidays like Black Friday)

Some domains can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but on average you’ll be paying around $500 for an auction/premium domain and around $20 for an expired domain.

Is There A Refund Policy?

As with all my products, the information I cram into these courses is normally sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So I do not offer a refund guarantee, you get my downloadables and get the information you'd normally have to spend hundreds of hours gathering or thousands of dollars on from other SEOs.