Shopify E-commerce SEO 2.0

What’s Inside This Course?

  • Introduction

  • Is Shopify Bad for SEO?

  • Best Tools to Use

  • OnPage SEO Process

  • Speed Optimization

  • Off-Page SEO Process

  • Monitor Performance

  • Rinse and Repeat!

Shopify has been the world's leading ECommerce solution for building sites for a while now and for damn good reason! Its super simple UI and pricing plans allow you to setup and run an ECommerce store within hours, and normally, without the very expensive development work that usually comes with it. I mean, it’s even what I chose to power this very site you’re on right now.

However, Shopify out of the box is fairly limited for SEO, making it difficult to compete for keywords and start generating sales, especially if you’re a brand new business.
That’s why I created this eBook in the first place, and it’s why this updated edition for 2024 spills the secrets to everything you need to know to get Google to send you an endless stream of high converting visitors.

Who Are You To Talk About Shopify SEO?

I've worked with dozens of successful Shopify clients, built several sites myself and analyzed hundreds, if not thousands more... So you could say I have enough experience to be telling you how to pull off your own campaigns.

This eBook is meant to be the definitive guide on how to run a complete and successful SEO strategy for a Shopify store in any niche by anyone of any experience level and can be adapted for any language as well.

What's Inside This eBook?

This 60+ page eBook includes:

● Why Shopify Has A Bad Rep For SEO
● How To Do Research & Analysis
● The Best (And Most Affordable) Tools To Use
● The Simple Shopify OnPage SEO Process
● Keyword Analysis + Identifying Buyer Intent
● Developing A Topical Content Plan
● Running A Shopify Store OnPage Audit
● Speed (Load Time) Optimization
● Backlink Auditing
● Competitive Link Auditing
● Foundational Link Building
● Analyzing Links & Competitors
● Link Building Campaigns
● Additional Marketing Strategies

And many more topics, tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout the chapters inside.

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