Six Figure Freelance SEO - 2.0

Just the thought of going it alone is enough to scare most away, and there is some truth to the tales, especially with the current algorithm... but in a high value, fast-paced and evolving industry like SEO, the biggest risk is utilizing your skill set to make somebody else rich.

I'm not here to convince you to jump down the freelance path, you might have already taken that leap or might still be a few years away from having the knowledge necessary.

What I am here to do, is convince you that if you are thinking about going it alone, you're going to make a LOT of mistakes first.

Mistakes that I, along with countless others that I have taught personally have made and have cost us tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

The market is as competitive as ever, with more people in the game, more businesses investing than ever before and a chaotic narrative being pushed by Google. This eBook is meant to show you that the competition is spawning from demand, and we can fill more demand than ever as solopreneuers with the help of AI, automation and a little knowledge.

What’s Inside This Course?

  • Finding Out Who Your Target Audience Is

  • Different Ways to Approach Your SEO Freelancing

  • Various Services to Offer Your Prospects

  • Step-by-Step Process of Building Your Freelancing Business

  • The Science of Charging Clients for Your Services

  • Where You Can Reach Out to Potential Clients

  • Managing and Delivering Your Client Projects

  • Taking Your Freelancing Career to the Next Level

From blogger to business owner, I have worn many hats in the SEO industry. I know what it takes to win in this space and have done so multiple times. This guide is the full breakdown of my process that focuses on exactly what I did right and wrong to becoming one of the top 3 most successful SEO consultants in the world.

This guide also gives you a taste of life beyond freelancing. Eventually, once you’re closing clients on autopilot, you have to learn how to scale, leverage more data and sell to larger clients… As well as more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout!

Is It Still Worth It to Become an SEO Freelancer?

Hell yes! SEO is still one of the highest paid freelancer careers online, with the average person taking home nearly $50/hour - And that’s if you’re just average at it!

The current path Google is taking has made more site owners scared than ever of doing things themselves, with horror stories spreading like wildfire around the commerce community of sites being smashed into oblivion - This is both a good and bad thing, it’s good because we have more sites needing more expert help than ever before, but it’s bad because it’s harder to convince business owners than ever before.

That’s where this course gives you an upperhand vs. others… You’ll get direct access to copy-paste material that you can use in case studies, outreach emails, proposals, audits and more! All backed from my own personal business and experience, with a 80%+ close rate at $1,499 per hour…

Have Things Changed From 10 Years Ago?

Yes, it’s gotten way easier! We have more tools, more data, a worst algorithm and a more convoluted search engine than we’ve ever had before! Not to mention the fact that AI tools now allow you to do the job of 10 men.

AI allows you to brainstorm ideas, organise data, and produce content that you can use for your campaigns. No need to hire outside help to complete projects!

It also helps that the SEO community is as anti-Google as ever! People in this space are willing to share advice, learn from like-minded people, network with others, and refer clients to each other. Having these resources at your disposal enables you to service clients for their SEO needs in full confidence, and this guide wil show you how!

Why Should You Buy This Course?

If you want the blueprint on how to succeed as an SEO freelancer, this course is a no-brainer! I detail the exact steps I did when I was starting out. Even better, I’ve included the latest practices and technologies you can use to help fast-track your way to more clients.

Here’s what to expect when you get a copy of this course:

  • Rank sites that make over one million dollars per month ✅

  • Find the right approach and services to offer prospects ✅

  • Learn the financial side of freelancing (and how you can CRUSH it!) ✅

  • Deliver value to clients (and beyond!) ✅

SEO as an industry continues to grow due to the high demand online businesses have, and you’re at the front and center of it by:

  • ➡️Providing clients with algorithm-proof strategies - Google’s algorithm updates are the bane of website owners, and it’s time to offer your services preventing them from losing traffic from these changes.

  • ➡️ Exerting your influence - It’s not always about you reaching out to them for a job. By following the valuable advice in this course, you can get potential clients to come crawling for help with their sites!

  • ➡️ Taking your career to greater heights - Instead of just working for clients forever, you can hire a team to take care of the job for you!

Get the first few steps of your SEO freelancing career right by getting this course! 🐾

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really make over $100,000 per year as an SEO freelancer?

Yes, it's entirely possible and there are tens
of thousands of people in this profession that do already. The eBook outlines
how to position yourself in the market, choose high value services, and use
effective client acquisition strategies to build a lucrative freelancing
business, but still requires a lot of work and time on your own part. This
course does not require capital aside from monthly subscription costs for

How up-to-date is the information in this eBook?**

The eBook is current to 2024, with the latest
update being checked in April and is fully taking into account the latest
trends in SEO, Google's algorithm changes, and the role of AI tools in
streamlining SEO tasks. It offers strategies that are effective at ranking
clients in Google (backed by data and case studies) and ensures you're equipped
with knowledge that can withstand the test of time.

What if I make mistakes along the way? Can Ijeopardise my career?

The guide covers common mistakes made by new
freelancers and provides strategies to avoid them. It's written to help you
learn from Charles and others' successful experiences, minimizing your chances
of costly errors and accelerating your path to success.

How does the eBook address pricing and charging clients?

There's a whole module dedicated to the
financial aspects of SEO freelancing, including how to set your rates,
negotiate with clients, and strategies for increasing your income over time,
ensuring you're well-compensated for your expertise, especially as it grows.

Can this eBook help me if I'm not ready to go solo yet?

Yes, it's designed not only for those ready to
jump into freelancing but also for SEO professionals still contemplating the
shift. It provides insights that can prepare you for the transition whenever
you're ready, and make sure it’s significantly smoother than planning on your

What support or community does the eBook offer for freelancers?

While the eBook itself is a comprehensive
guide, it also highlights the importance of networking within the SEO
community. It encourages engagement with like-minded professionals, sharing
advice, learning, and even referring clients to each other, fostering a
supportive environment for growth.

It also has a plethora of resources for
current communities that Charles engages with, and teaches you how to network
with the industry elite, as well as potential clients.

Are there updates for this course?

Yes! Charles is looking to do a customer
webinar with a deeper dive into his journey, examples of his work with 5 and 6
figure client projects, as well as expanding the core eBook towards the end of

Is there a refund or money back guarantee policy?

As the information inside is created by an
expert of 15+ years, and we’re delivering it immediately upon purchase, we do
not offer a refund policy as the information inside is already extremely cheap
for what is inside.