The Niche & Keyword Hunting Bootcamp

The number one question I get asked is how I find the niches I target! This webinar is meant to be the definitive answer to that question and give anybody access to the markets where money flows fast, rankings are easiest and the abundance has plenty of time to last.

This webinar is full of real world examples of success stories I and others have had, the exact processes I’ve used throughout my career, the best opportunities I see coming ahead of us, how to pre-empt new trends and so, so much more!

What Will You Learn From This Webinar? 🧐

This is a long presentation, so I only cover the surface level here:

  • Bootcamp Basics

    What you’ll need to know before you get started virtually mining for undiscovered gold.

  • Your Tool Kit

    The tools you’ll need (and free alternatives) to carry out your operations and save countless hours of valuable time.

  • The Best Opportunities

    The secret to how I find the best affiliate, CPA and lead gen offers for my niches, before I enter them.

  • Maximizing Existing Assets

    Before you set off looking for new horizons, let’s first look at how we can max out our current positions.

  • Finding NEW Trends & Offers

    How we use social media to find trending topics BEFORE they blow up in Google search.

  • Semantic SEO Made Easy

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an elite engineer to understand how search engines work.

  • How To Cluster Keywords & Map Topics

    Two methods, the easiest and the best way to understand the topic you’re going to be targeting.

  • Calculating Competitiveness & Profitability

    My easy to follow formulas for working out which paths are the most profitable.

  • Analyzing The SERP & Intent

    Google is constantly shifting the type of pages it wants to show, so let’s give it what it wants everytime

  • Non-English SEO Strategy

    Why foreign/international algorithms are still far easier to game, how I make $20k+/mo from these sites and how you can too!

  • Limited Window Scaling

    Some opportunities are only temporary and scaling them is the secret to scaling capital.

  • Billion Dollar Blocks (Secret Guest)

    I get help from a secret guest on how you can approach local niches, rank and rent and so much more!

As well as segments I cannot reveal on this landing page… And many more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout this 5 hour masterclass!

Who Should Attend This Webinar?🪂

Any bloggers, niche site owners, site investors, agency owners or just about anyone with a beginner to intermediate understanding of SEO that can take advantage of the abilities to find profitable opportunities in an instant.

This webinar will be game changing for anyone that has the skills to rank but doesn’t know where to put those skills to the test or how to find the most profitable paths to do so.

Who Am I & What Do I Know About SEO?

I’m Charles Floate and I learned this game from the ground up!

I started doing SEO in the UK over 15 years ago, managing my mom’s website as a teenager, since then I’ve become one of the top 3 consultants in the industry, spoken at 50+ conferences, traveled the world and currently live on an island in Thailand.

I’ve run thousands of high-ROI SEO campaigns, trained some of the most successful people in the game, routinely pivoted against every change Google has made in its algorithm across my career and always publicly doubled down and shown that to be the case.

The reality is this:

With how much you’ll learn, how many skills you’ll develop, and how much money you’ll make if you can follow and implement even 20% of what I’m teaching you, making this webinar only $199 is a steal…

Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds available?

Yes - If you decide not to attend the webinar or don’t want the recordings afterwards, just let us know within 24 hours of the webinar start time and we will issue you a full refund.

Can we have multiple attendees on the webinar?

No. One ticket = One attendee. You will only be allowed to connect via one device.

What level of knowledge is required?

Anyone with a basic understanding of SEO for Google will be able to attend the webinar, and it will significantly increase your understanding of not only the practices but the monetization methodologies as well.

How many questions can I ask in the Q&A?

Each attendee is limited to one question, and that doesn’t guarantee they will be asked and answered! There is a moderator who filters and sends the questions to Charles live during the AMA session at the end of the webinar.

What platform will the webinar be held on?

The webinar will be held on Zoom, and you will be able to access the recordings after the fact via Mega.

Is the webinar only in English?

We have LIVE translated captioning available, but there is no other audio options available outside of English. Charles is known for talking fast, but paces himself throughout these long webinars and makes sure everyone understands.