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Domain Resurrection: SEO Course

Domain Resurrection: SEO Course

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Award Winning SEO Marketing Specialist
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The #1 SEO Domaining Course With Live Example Site Build & Real World Case Studies.
Course Length 5 Hours
FREE Bonus SEO Redirects Course
FREE Bonus Domain Checklists
FREE Bonus Buying Sites Course
Total Value $450+
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Domaining can be a very confusing, but extremely profitable business.

In SEO, a good domain is the foundation of your campaign - Whether it be a fresh domain that encapsulates your future branding strategy or a well researched, aged domain to base your affiliate dreams off of.

Unfortunately, there is also a LOT of garbage out there. You have to avoid spammers, hackers and even other SEOs that have gotten domains burned by Google in the past.

The entire process has many layers, tools to check or use and is filled with untrustworthy vendors trying to flip dodgy domains for a quick buck.

There Are Over 250,000,000 .Com Domains Registered

And people let valuable realty expire every day.

Businesses go bankrupt and have to sell off their domains at a fraction of the market cost.

There are so many ways to acquire valuable domains at pennies on the dollar, you just need the skills & know how to be able to find them.

What's This Course All About?

The aim of this course is to give you a complete education, from an SEO perspective, of how to make money (And the highest ROIs possible) using the vast amount of domains that are available to everyday people.

I'll start by giving you a complete education of domaining, the differences on domains, how to find them and how to utilize each domain to the best possible cause from an SEO perspective.

I'm then going to be showing you a LIVE site build from a professional designer, using NO code and on an old domain that I've brought back to life!

All backed up with real-world case studies of sites raking in tens of thousands of dollars in monthly affiliate revenue.

Though the case studies are only of affiliate sites, you can use these strategies & techniques to bolster the SEO of any business.

Who Is This Course For?

It doesn't matter whether you're a:


  • Freelance SEOs or Digital Marketing Agency Owners, looking to understand the ins and outs of domaining for your clients best needs!

  • Affiliate SEOs, looking to put traffic & link building gains on autopilot!

  • Beginners, with ZERO previous domain or SEO knowledge looking for one of the easiest SEO techniques to utilize to start making money with!

As well as anyone who has any remote interest or holdings in domain names!

What's Inside This Course?

This is a video based course with follow-along guides and presentations by Charles Floate, with the design videos being by Yudhish Puran.

This course is HUGE and covers a variety of topics outside of what a usual domaining or affiliate site building course would cover. 

You're getting access to a wealth of hidden tricks & professional tips:

  • A Complete Introduction To Domaining & SEO Domains

  • How To Find FREE Domains To Power Behind The Scenes

  • Analyzing Domains For Issues, Potential Penalties & Future Problems

  • Building An Affiliate Site Off An Aged Domain From The Odys Marketplace (Domain Valuation ~$1,400)

  • No Code WordPress Site Builds (Build Beautifully Designed, Optimized Sites In A Matter of Hours) With Yudhish Puran (Masters in 3D Art & Design)

  • Domain Re-Building Secrets & Site Structure Setup

  • Link Building Techniques For Aged & Expired Domains

As well as loads of tips, tricks & golden nuggets throughout.


You won't just be getting this comprehensive course, there's also THREE FREE BONUSES that you'll get that combined, are easily worth the price of the course alone!

FREE BONUS #1 - SEO Redirect Course

My video mini-course will take you through exactly what redirects are, the different types of redirects, how to safely use redirects in 2020 as well as a real-world example of a site using the exact technique I'll be showing off that is generating over ten thousand dollars per month!

Redirects and 301s are easily one of the most misunderstood and easy to get wrong techniques in SEO, I'll show you safe & simple methods that'll give your rankings crazy boosts.

FREE BONUS #2 - Domain Checklists

Get access to two downloadable checklists, one for Aged Domains & one for Expired Domains.

Each checklist shows you the exact criteria you need to be looking over when you analyze one of the two domain types, making sure you aren't getting dodgy domains every time you go to buy an SEO domain!

FREE BONUS #3 - Buying Websites Course

Whilst this course is aimed more at domaining & using those domains to build sites that can generate long term, passive income.

This free bonus gives you the exact things you need to be looking out for when buying website properties, as well as the best vendors & marketplaces (with tips) for you to acquire websites off safely!

Still Need Some Convincing?

This course is sponsored by Odys Global, and as a result, any course member will be given an invitation to the Odys Domain Marketplace with $100 in FREE Domain Credit - Yes, we're giving you domain credit worth more than the course itself, so you can get your domaining career off to a great start!

This course also teaches you way more than just one skillset!

You get to learn how to be a professional domainer, build beautifully designed WordPress websites with NO CODE in a matter of hours, you get to learn advanced Black Hat SEO techniques around SEO Redirects AND you'll get comprehensive buying guides & checklists to keep you safe from spending fortunes chasing the wrong domain names.

*As with all my products, the information I cram into these courses is normally sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So I do not offer a refund guarantee, you get my downloadables and get the information you'd normally have to spend hundreds of hours gathering or thousands of dollars on from other SEOs.

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