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The Technical SEO Guide

The Technical SEO Guide

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A FREE eBook Covering A Complete Introduction & Overview of Technical SEO.
Length 41 pages
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Most technical SEO guides aren't actually covering what it even means, and more often than not are just re-hashing the same OnPage SEO advice we've heard for the last decade.

I just want to clear something up: Technical SEO and OnPage SEO are NOT the same things.

Technical SEO, in laymen's terms, is doing everything you can to get your website indexed and crawled faster.

Why Do I Need To Know Technical SEO?

Crawling and indexing are the two fundamental foundational stages of SEO.

Even if you aren't looking to utilize the skillset right away, making sure you have an understanding of how search engines work, how they crawl your site and what they specifically look for is something every SEO should know.

What's Inside This eBook?

Inside you'll find:

  • Technical SEO In A Nutshell

  • Technical SEO Tools

  • How Does Crawling & Indexing Work?

  • Crawl Budget Optimization

  • Log File Analysis

  • Site Structure, Architecture & Navigation

  • URL Parameters

  • JavaScript Crawling

  • Robots.txt & .htaccess

  • Load Time Optimization & Load Balancing

  • Implementation & Testing

As well as more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout.

Learn Technical SEO For FREE

I easily could have charged for this eBook, there is no other resource online that is so thorough, up to date and easily explained.

I'll give you my own auditing strategy, all of the tools I use, free alternatives and how to implement it all in the quickest and easiest ways possible.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Make sure your skills and site are the best they possibly can be to help Google crawl, index and RANK your site.

And did I mention, it's totally FREE, download your copy now!

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