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Charles Floate Training

Twitter Takeover - Blue Edition

Twitter Takeover - Blue Edition

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A Presentation On Building & Marketing An Online Business On Twitter - With Real World Examples & Case Studies.
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Length 60 Minutes
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You've probably heard the hype, and definetely seen the news. Twitter is gaining more attention and more users than ever before, and as a result, it's become one of the go-to places for any agency, consultant, affiliate, brand or just about anybody to market and sell on.
  • ~42% of U.S. Adults (Aged 19-29) Use Twitter

  • ~90% of The Top 100 Richest Men Use Twitter

  • Twitter & Tweets Reach ~9.7% of The Internet

And the numbers are only continuing to grow...

With more monthly active users than ever before and the highest organic engagement per post out of any of the largest social networks on the planet, Twitter is currently going through its peak whilst simultaneously being one of the best platforms to earn consistent leads or sales on.

I do over 1 MILLION impressions every month, generate over $150,000/year in business from Twitter and only spend 15-30 minutes a day on the app.

So, are you using it to its full potential? Or could you use a proven setup and strategy to fast-track your way to the top of the timeline?

Why Choose Twitter?

Facebook and Instagram have abysmal organic growth, declining user bases and a CEO that cares more about 3D avatars than his flailing business.

TikTok is getting regulated up the rear and has already started to lose massive traction to YouTube shorts, and YouTube has so many issues I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Yes, Twitter isn't perfect, but it's the ONLY platform growing at such a high pace and offering more organic reach and clicks than it ever did under previous, more stable leadership.

And under the new takeover, the likelihood of your account being banned or suspended has been reduced significantly - Which means your account, a digital asset, is considerably safer now.

Twitter also boasts the highest disposable income users out of any of the big social networks, which means you'll be marketing to customers that are much more likely to buy your products.

What's Inside The Course?

I talk fast, cover a LOT and don't miss anything you wouldn't need to make it big on the bird!

  • Find & Pick Profitable Niches For Your Profile/s

  • How To Audit Your Twitter & Build A Data Profile

  • Optimize Your Profile For MAXIMUM Conversions

  • Setting Goals & Targets To Hit With Ease

  • How To Write Hard Hitting Tweets & Threads

  • The Unwritten Rules of The Platform

  • The Truth Behind Hashtags

  • How To Make Thousands of Dollars PER Tweet (w/ Case Studies)

  • Abusing Analytics, Timing and Re-Using The Old

  • Secret Search Operators On Twitter & Google

  • How To Bait The Big Accounts

  • Twitter Automation (And Why It's A Bad Idea)

  • A.I. Tweets w/ Case Studies

  • How To Identify & Build Best Performing Tweets

  • A Little Bit on Twitter Spaces

  • The Best Uses Cases For Twitter Ads

And many more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout.

My Return-on-Investment-Based Strategy

I don't pay for followers, I don't pay for engagement or retweets, I don't even pay for any tools... Everything is based on years of research, testing and building a strategy that can be repeated across almost any niche you can throw your hat into.

It won't cost you a penny to execute and will take less than an hour a day.

You'll learn how I utilize Twitter to funnel sales into various business models with just one account and minimal time.

Why Should You Trust My Twitter Training?

Well, I've been able to consistently gain over 2,000 niche followers in an industry with relatively small numbers but extremely valuable individually -


I've been able to convert that audience into tens of thousands of dollars per year in training sales alone -


And a LOT more in private deals that have occurred in the DMs as a result.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

As an internet marketer and entrepreneur, you're in the perfect storm with Twitter, and it's only going to keep spitting out more success stories for the foreseeable future.

And yes, I will be updating this course periodically whenever major events happen or serious strategy changes occur.

The information in this course is mostly available for free on the internet, but it'd take you dozens of hours to collate, let alone run tests on - I'm offering you it all on a plate for just $99.

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